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John Bede Polding | Australischer Bischof

John Bede Polding (* 18. November 1794 in Liverpool , England; * 16. März 1877 in Sydney , Australien ), erster römisch-katholischer Bischof in Australien (ab 1835), wo er acht Jahre später der erste Erzbischof von Sydney wurde.

Saladin, the leader of Islamic forces during the Third Crusade; undated engraving.
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Polding joined the Benedictine order in 1811 and was ordained priest in 1819. Consecrated a bishop, he arrived at Sydney in 1835. There he divided his territory into missionary districts and swiftly provided them with priests, churches, and schools. He procured help for his bishopric through visits to Europe. Appointed archbishop in 1843, he became primate of the Catholic church in Australia. In 1844 and 1859 he convoked synods in Melbourne and in Sydney, where he founded St. John’s College.